Which is the best way to lose weight and keep fit? Cardio exercise, of course. But are you sure that you are making the most out of your training? Discover the ultimate ways to improve it and get even better results now and in the future.

Take Advantage of Weights

cardio trainingThey can help you do a better job not only in straight training. When you add more weight to your body, you naturally burn more calories and build stronger and bigger muscles.

You can readily hold weights in your hands when doing various exercises involving the whole body like aerobics. Adding weights to your ankles can help too. Adjust them carefully so that you feel comfortable and avoid straining your joints.

You can and should use weights while doing your daily routines. Don’t use the elevator when you have to take a stack of folders upstairs. Use a basket rather than a wheeled cart when you go shopping at the supermarket. Every bit counts!

Go for Short High-Intensity Routines  

This is the cardio equivalent of explosive training, the long-kept secret of bodybuilders. It’s true that you will have to work hour harder, but this will pay off because it helps you burn more energy at cellular level.

The simplest way to apply this principle is to make sudden increases in the intensity of your routine for half a minute every few minutes. This works extremely well for all types of cardio exercises from running to swimming and cycling. It is effective even for running.

Another method for integrating high intensity routines is to keep your pace for five minutes, increase it for a minute and then go back to the initial pace for a minute and a half. This works exceptionally well for runners. You can do it any number of times.

Use Slow Cardio for Recovery

Going at a slow pace has been renounced as an effective method for burning calories, losing weight and keeping fit. However, it is incredibly good for your body overall. What’s more, it works amazingly well for recovery.

You can enjoy walking or low-pace jogging twice a week for forty to sixty minutes. You will keep your body in great shape and make your high-intensity cardio workouts even more effective.

Last, but not least, it is more than motivating to have a training buddy, especially during the longer cardio workouts. You will get the support which you may require if you have a tough time.

What should you eat to lose weight? You most probably think that the answer is “nothing”, but you can’t be further from the truth. If you don’t eat anything for a long time (during the day), your body will do everything to store the calories you get from your evening meal.

foods for losing weight

So what should you eat to slim down? Try the foods bringing the fastest weight loss. They are healthy and delicious too. Check them out.


Beans, chickpeas and lentils are the best plant sources of protein, which is processed more slowly compared to carbs and stimulates weight loss. A recent study carried out in Spain has shown that dieters who eat legumes once a week slim down more quickly than those who don’t.


They are rich in fiber which helps you feel full for longer throughout the day when you have them for breakfast. They also have metabolism boosting compounds. This means that you will burn more fat naturally.


They not only help to keep the doctor away thanks to being packed with antioxidants. Apples are rich in pectin which is a natural appetite suppressant. If you eat an apple before a meal, you will eat less and lose weight much more quickly.

Chili Peppers

These help to speed up your metabolism and help to reduce bad cholesterol levels too. Obviously, you cannot have them as a snack, however. Cut some chili pepper and add it to your main course, salad or appetizer.


This delicious fish is a rich source of lean protein and other valuable compounds including omega-3 fatty acids. Hence, it is the best alternative to red meat. A study has shown that dieters eating salmon lose about a third more weight than those who do not.


This superfood is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D whose combination has been proving to bring two times faster weight loss. Besides, yogurt is rich in probiotics which improve digestion, nutrient absorption and the body’s metabolism as a whole.


These delicious nuts help you avoid hunger pangs as they prevent blood sugar surges. What’s more impressive is that if you eat a quarter of a cup of raw almonds every day while you are on a diet, you can lose an extra 0.6 pounds for every pound that you would lose without them.

Brown Rice

This food is filling, but low in calories at the same time. This makes it ideal for slimming down more quickly in a healthy way.

You’ve got it all figured out: the perfect weight loss plan for you is just waiting to be followed. But are you sure that it will bring the desired results? Check out the biggest slimming mistakes which you can make and ensure that you will avoid them.

Eliminating Carbs Completely

It’s true that carbs make the biggest chunk of your daily calorie intake, but this doesn’t mean that you will lose more weight more quickly in a healthy weight if you drop them out.

You can expect to feel immediate side effects like lightheadedness and dizziness. You may also have problems with your digestive system, liver and blood glucose. Furthermore, when you go back to eating carbs eventually, you may experience the yo-yo effect.

How to ensure healthy carb intake? Remove the sources of simple carbs from your diet like sugary foods, potatoes, white rice and foods with white flour. Replace them with whole-grain products.

Compensating for High-Calorie Foods with Exercise

If you think that you can burn all the calories from fast food treats and sweets, you may be getting the numbers wrong. A half an hour high-speed walk will help you burn just over 100 calories while the average pizza slice has 300.

For best results, you should adopt a low-calorie diet (with no fewer than 1,200 calories per day, however) and do exercise regularly, preferably three one-hour workouts per week and daily walking for at least half an hour.

One simple rule to keep is not to ditch your favorite foods completely. If they are high in calories, just reduce the size of your portions and the frequency of their intake.

Relying on Juices and Smoothies Too Much

Replacing a slice of break with butter with a glass of orange juice will help you lose weight, right? Not really. Juices, smoothies and similar drinks are high in sugar, but low in other nutrients. Your blood sugar level spikes and then drops suddenly so you feel hunger pangs.

smoothie drink for weight loss

Keeping the diet becomes harder and eventually you give in and start eating more, just like before. Don’t enter this vicious cycle. You should have proper breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks in between them (not midnight snacks, however).

Your weight loss diet should be balanced and include healthy carbs, lean protein and lots of fruit and vegetables. Avoid processed foods of all kinds including those which have “diet” added to their name. They usually contain fewer calories overall, but considerable amounts of fat, sugar or salt.