Fitness Training

Which is the best way to lose weight and keep fit? Cardio exercise, of course. But are you sure that you are making the most out of your training? Discover the ultimate ways to improve it and get even better results now and in the future.

Take Advantage of Weights

cardio trainingThey can help you do a better job not only in straight training. When you add more weight to your body, you naturally burn more calories and build stronger and bigger muscles.

You can readily hold weights in your hands when doing various exercises involving the whole body like aerobics. Adding weights to your ankles can help too. Adjust them carefully so that you feel comfortable and avoid straining your joints.

You can and should use weights while doing your daily routines. Don’t use the elevator when you have to take a stack of folders upstairs. Use a basket rather than a wheeled cart when you go shopping at the supermarket. Every bit counts!

Go for Short High-Intensity Routines  

This is the cardio equivalent of explosive training, the long-kept secret of bodybuilders. It’s true that you will have to work hour harder, but this will pay off because it helps you burn more energy at cellular level.

The simplest way to apply this principle is to make sudden increases in the intensity of your routine for half a minute every few minutes. This works extremely well for all types of cardio exercises from running to swimming and cycling. It is effective even for running.

Another method for integrating high intensity routines is to keep your pace for five minutes, increase it for a minute and then go back to the initial pace for a minute and a half. This works exceptionally well for runners. You can do it any number of times.

Use Slow Cardio for Recovery

Going at a slow pace has been renounced as an effective method for burning calories, losing weight and keeping fit. However, it is incredibly good for your body overall. What’s more, it works amazingly well for recovery.

You can enjoy walking or low-pace jogging twice a week for forty to sixty minutes. You will keep your body in great shape and make your high-intensity cardio workouts even more effective.

Last, but not least, it is more than motivating to have a training buddy, especially during the longer cardio workouts. You will get the support which you may require if you have a tough time.